The World Wide Web uses unique numbers called IP addresses and each device or site that is a part of the Web contains this type of an address. It is very hard to remember to visit to open a website though, so a much quicker system was made in the 1980s - domains. Each domain contains a primary part as well as an extension, for example or Many different extensions exist worldwide - some of them are assigned to countries, like in the aforementioned example, which is assigned to the United Kingdom, while others are generic, like .com or .net. Various extensions are available for registration by every entity and others have certain requirements - company registration, regional presence, and so on. You will be able to get a new domain through a registrar organization like ours and when the extension allows domain transfers, you will be able to relocate an existing domain name between registrars too.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Cloud Web Hosting
If you buy a cloud web hosting account through us, you will be able to register domains with more than 50 generic and country-code extensions, such as .com, .net, .me, .pro, .tv, and many more. For many of the aforementioned we are an accredited registrar, while for many others we work with a number of the biggest registrar companies available, therefore we're able to offer you nearly split-second registration and domain management services. In case you already have a website with a different company, you are able to effortlessly move it over and manage it along with your shared web hosting plan thanks to our multifunctional Hepsia Control Panel. You will have full control over your domains anytime and you shall be able to renew them, set up custom domain records, set Privacy Protection and a lot more.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Semi-dedicated Hosting
With our semi-dedicated server packages, you will be able to create as many domains as you need and handle them in a single place along with your hosting account using our all-in-one Hepsia Control Panel. You can select from more than 50 generic & country-specific extensions and because a few of them have specific requirements to be registered, we will assist you from the minute of your purchase up until the moment your domains are accessible on the Web. If you currently have domains via another provider and you want to host them on our end, you can as well transfer them here because it will be much more convenient to take care of everything through one account as opposed to browsing through separate systems. We partner with an ICANN-licensed registrar, so we'll supply very quick registration services as well as a large number of cutting-edge domain management solutions.
Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Web Hosting
When you'd like to have a domain name for your web site, you will be able to buy it together with your brand new Virtual Private Server. If you need to acquire a few additional domain names afterwards, you are able to register them all at once through your billing Control Panel and they will be active in a matter of minutes because we partner with an ICANN-certified registrar, therefore we can provide you with instant registrations and exceptional management solutions. With more than 50 extensions to select from, you can get the ideal domain name for your web site based upon the purpose of the website and the target country. We supply both country-code and generic TLDs, so when you are a professional, for example, you can order a .PRO domain, or in case you plan to reach the German market, you are able to register a .DE domain. If you already have a domain through some other registrar, you can move it and control it together with your Linux VPS web hosting.
Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Servers Hosting
We're a licensed registrar, so if you get a dedicated server through us, you'll have the option to register domains for your sites as well. All our prices are very affordable and our registrations are practically immediate, which means that it will not take more than a couple of minutes before your brand new domains go online. We'll help you with the registration process for all the extensions that feature particular requirements and we will ensure that your registration process goes as quickly and as easily as possible. You'll be able to choose from 50+ TLDs, both generic and country-code ones, so that you can choose the suitable domains for your websites taking into account the countries that you would like to focus on as well as the kind of the websites that you will host on the server. In case you'd like to host domain names registered somewhere else, you may as well transfer them over and take care of everything easily from one place.